The shelter and the mountain…

//The shelter and the mountain…

The shelter and the mountain…

Shelter 15 – Laredo, Spain.

Laredo is a beautiful coastal town and the shelter is bang in the middle, with around 15 dogs.
The deal is, you turn up, get given one or two dogs, then off you go for a walk.
‘How long shall we walk for?’
‘Oh, at least an hour. More if you have time.’
An HOUR???! Ok, cool. So I hook up with another volunteer and off we go.
The area is gorgeous, so with some sightseeing and general chatting the hour flies by.
There are so many volunteers that by walk three we are taking dogs out for a SECOND time. Perfect! ?
Sadly my accommodation was miles away up a mountain and I got stuck there for the rest of the week without a car. ?
Initially the isolation completely did my head in. Then I watched an interview with Dr Joe Dispenza and he totally flipped my mind.
So I meditated (kind of), visualised, walked A LOT and basically got my head together for the journey ahead.
Sometimes the worst situations can give us the best lessons in life and the highest mountains to climb are actually the ones in our own heads.
So I got the car back and had the chance to do a final day at the shelter. I made my absence up to the dogs by walking as many as I could – for well over an hour!
I think they forgave me. ?

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My name is Deb and this is Daisy dog. We love to help dogs in need and at the moment are volunteering at 50 shelters in 50 weeks! Please get in touch and follow our journey.
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