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Shelter 14 – Noia, Spain.

Life these days is turbulent, to say the least and trying to book shelters in Spain is tougher than Portugal. They have more dogs in foster and I totally didn’t realise – until now!
So I’d booked accommodation and packed up ready to go, then Susi dropped the bomb – there is no shelter?! Eh???
Come to HQ and I’ll explain.
HQ turns out to be a charity shop (hee hee – awesome!)! ?
But what about the dogs? What do we do?
Well, first we go and give a talk at a school! Ok. I’m not really a fan of kids – only because I’ve never had them and feel nervous around them. ?
So we’re sat in front of the class, while Susi talks about animal welfare (in Spanish) and I’m not too sure what’s going on – until she makes a list of the things dogs and cats need. The kids shout out their answers and compile the list themselves.
And at this point I’m blown away!
Because the list these little kids make is the same one I would make.
After food and water (obvious), they said things like:
Friends – of their own kind, Toys, a Cosy Bed, Cuddles, Play Time, the Freedom to run around.
And in that moment I realised – children are BORN with compassion and kindness towards animals. It’s up to us to cultivate and expand this mindset.
So, with the right education, there IS hope and I don’t believe this next generation will tolerate the cruelty we have in our society at the moment. I certainly have a new respect for children, that’s for sure. ?

Other things going on with this rescue are; trap, sterilise and release; lots of adoptions; home checks; getting dogs into foster homes; picking animals up from the vets; taking care of kittens, rescuing poor dogs from Perreras (horrible government kennels); raising awareness at fairs etc etc. There’s always something to do.
And as it turns out, they DO have a shelter – of sorts! They’ve been allowed to use a couple of kennels and some land next to the Emergency services place. The Firemen there take care of the 4 dogs needing homes. Yes, that’s right, I said FIREMEN! Handsome, hot, Spanish Firemen! ?
So, anyway, visiting those dogs was nice! ?

All in all, it showed me we’re heading in the right direction when it comes to animal welfare. If finding a dog shelter is difficult because they’re all in foster homes, that can only be a good thing. And if those little kids are our future, I’m pretty sure us old fogeys will be in good hands! ??

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