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My name is Deb Findlow and I LOVE dogs! My friends even call me Doggy (simply because I love dogs and for no other reason – just to clarify!).  In 2009, after months of searching for a black, female, Springer, Cocker, Collie mix, I made the three hour journey to pick up eight week old Daisy. I’d wanted a rescue dog, but the search had become so tedious, I relented and bought a puppy.

Daisy’s mum was tied to a tree, barking! Daisy, with her brothers and sisters, were locked in a shed, crying. I should have walked away, but didn’t. Instead I paid the money and drove a poor, frightened little girl back to her new home.

Daisy grew up to be the most wonderful best friend I could have wished for. And to this day we remain an AWESOME team! I love her soooo much!

But the guilt of not adopting stayed with me. I wanted to help rescue dogs. Maybe if it was easier for people to search for dogs, they would adopt, instead of buying a puppy like I did?

The ultimate aim of Muddy Paw Match will be to help as many dogs as possible find loving homes. And once they have a home, help fulfil their needs. It’s all about building a community.

The most important function is search criteria. Searching for a dog should be fun!

The basics of the site are here and ready to go. I am currently volunteering at 50 dog shelters in 50 weeks to understand how shelters work and what we can do to help the dogs. Once I have made contact with all the shelters, we can start adding the dogs.

I’d love for us to help more dogs find loving homes and believe every dog in rescue is a Hero waiting to be discovered.

To read about my journey so far, please click on the ’50 Shelters in 50 Weeks’ tab at the top of the page.

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