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How you can help…

Sadly dogs in shelters don’t have much in life. While volunteering I like to make them feel special by giving treats, chews, wet food, blankets, toys and basically whatever I think they need.

I also want to help get as many dogs as possible sterilised.

Making a difference, however small, is worth the time and effort. If you would also like to help, please click the ‘Donate’ button for my PayPal link.

Every donation of £10 or over gives you a free, handmade (by my Mum in Sri Lanka) ‘Love and Luck’ bracelet, ankle bracelet, or necklace. Over £50 and you will receive three of your choice! Great gifts for friends and family.

In the Paypal ‘Notes’ please write your name, address and gift preference.

I hope they will bring ‘Love and Luck’ to you and the shelter dogs looking for homes.

On behalf of myself and all the dogs – ‘Thank You’!

If you would like to donate blankets, towels, socks, clothes, food, treats, toys, collars, leads etc, please email me –

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